Job Guaranteed Courses

After graduation, there are number of career options available. You can start your own venture, go for higher studies, or even take up a job and be self-dependant at a very early stage in your life.

The economic policy position currently dominant around the world uses unemployment as a policy tool to control inflation; when cost pressures rise, the standard monetary policy carried out by the monetary authority tightens interest rates, creating a buffer stock of unemployed people, which reduces wage demands, and ultimately inflation. When inflationary expectations subside, these people will get their jobs back.

Every Corporation is every time in search of best skilled and essential employees integrated with functional and technological knowledge across these industries. To meet this requirement of many organizations there are several trainings offered by AV Infosys for the students who are looking for in those organizations. In Marxian terms, the unemployed serve as a reserve army of labor. By contrast, in a job guarantee program, a buffer stock of employed people (employed in the job guarantee program) provides the same protection against inflation without the social costs of unemployment, hence (it is argued) fulfilling the dual mandate of full employment and price stability.