Corporate Training

We want to be your training partner:

Companies with trained employees have a distinct advantage over the competition.

About AV Infosys:

AV Infosys Technology is a premier Corporate Training Company with more than 50 branches in India and abroad. We provide instructor-led certification and technical courses for computer professionals. AV Infosys holds Redhat-Linux, Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco, ISS Ec-council, Checkpoint and many other Security courses that go beyond Certification; we expand our clients knowledge and real world skills, in order to accelerate company profits.

Real-time Scenario:

Our instructors have the hands-on experience in preparing IT professionals for the real world. We have developed a training and certification solution that provides tangible results in an efficient and cost effective manner. Additionally, our computer and networking labs have all the latest equipment required to demonstrate the hands-on knowledge specific to your company’s need.

Our clients come to AV Infosys because they realize the power of live training and dynamic instruction is far superior to their own self study or self directed e-learning solutions.

Some of the largest companies and government agencies in India send their employees to AV Infosys. A corporate reference list is available upon request.

Customize to your specification:

Our program directors and course writers are available to work with you in developing a tailored program to ensure we reach all of your objectives.