Android App development Training

AV Infosys Technology is the well designed training center across india equipped with highly sophisticated computer labs and training abilities. Our institute reaches student in Android applications and design by it’s quality teaching. We provide Special classes, practical experience and fast track courses for students, working people and as well as for job seekers. AV Infosys Technology provides self-employment opportunities and employment to thousand of students by it’s employment program.

AV Infosys is a pioneer in the field of outsourcing, IT services and training. It helped thousands of the professionals and students to update there knowledge related to the new technology growth in Android. Android is an OS for mobile devices such as tablet computers and smart phones. Our methodology emphasizes on delivering industry-standard-mobility training enabling the students to develop and learn their mobility apps from the beginning.

By it’s specific responsibility many people are placed in good companies and they are feeling happy with their career. Our approach over professionals and student involves live demonstration on creating an application which helps the learners to internalize the process and reproduce it in their way and find a path for themselves in the industry. This occurs to be a relevant added strength to the CVs as well.

The focus on Android Training Program is to turn freshers into professionals and make them ready for the job. As a software professional, we are able to concentrate the following concepts: 1.Application Development using Core Java
2.Tapping Android Mobile Hardware such as Broadcast
Receivers, Intent filter, Telephony & Bluetooth
3.Android Application Development Framework
4.Android OS Architecture
5.End-to-End Software Development Activities
6.Database and Web services
7.Using Android Multimedia Framework

Benefits From Android Training Program:

1.In-depth coverage of Android application development layers.
2.Job Counseling
3.Knowledge & Awareness on BEST IT Practices
4.Mock test papers
5.Create your own Android App for the App store
6.Interview preparation
7.Real application development
8.Complete knowledge on SDLC
9.100% Job Assistance and interview guarantee.

IOS Training:

Room Technology is glad to be the Best training Institute for iOS in Bangalore. iOS is the most used mobile operating system by distinct companies, Ipads are most familiar mobile phones in tablets. Our institute is approved and reviewed by best iOS trainers and experts. The fashion towards comprehensive and technical brings the candidates deep insight into iPhone development for their bright career. We will not burdened students with exams and seminars. The scores is predicated on the typical performance of student in lab and involvement in class.

Windows Training:

AV Infosys is the best windows training institute in bangalore. Our stamina is to fulfill students through highest level of education by our closely managed program guarantee training with certification. Our different homogenized windows training and outsourcing technology assist you offering the edge to your knowledge by understanding your interests. We praise the beliefs and trust unconditional in us by students and professional and supply a devoted training with an trust and direct path. The key to our student’s outcome comes from our flexible schedules and batch size classes.